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Our 34 years of experience enable us to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective aircraft available

What makes us different?

Our commitment to:
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Orange Aviation Ltd.
24 Hour Service
Moshav Ben-Shemen 35
Israel, 73115
Tel:+972 8 923 5751
Fax:+972 8 923 5758
Orange Aviation is a Certified Flight Operator with a developed broad and comprehensive worldwide network of connections and representation agreements built on trust and mutual respect. Our contacts allow us to provide you, our Corporate Jet and Private Aircraft clients, with the best organized and cost efficient private air charter flight solutions available today, for any number of passengers flying to more than 600 airports in Europe and more than 12,000 airports worldwide.

Orange Aviation's 34 years of experience has given us the expertise to find and tailor the most suitable private plane solution for our clients. Whether you have long range plans or last minute rent jet requirements, our staff is at your service. Every detail is considered whether for Private Jet, Luxury Jet, Business Jet or medical flight needs. Planning the best and most cost effective route including stops, crew changes, and refueling is included in all our flight solutions.

Orange Aviation has a division that specializes in world wide air ambulance flights, providing ICU dedicated aircraft and a full medical crew on board for the patient's transport around the globe. We also arrange for ground ambulance connections if requested.
It would be our pleasure to help you with your next private charter from wherever you are, to wherever you are going. We are at your service 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Our Services are available 24/7
Orange Aviation is renowned for its state-of-the-art air ambulance and medical flight services. Our flight and medical staff put the patient's welfare and safety at the forefront of every evacuation.
We provide aircraft and charter jet solutions for all business and private flight requirements. Whether your flight is local, regional or international we have the right aircraft at the right price for your needs.
Our staff listens to your requests, and then together we create an itinerary that coordinates private air charter requirements with your timetable and preferences.

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