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Medical Evacuation from Mopti

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The carrying out of an air ambulance flight requires a unique approach.
Moreover, the operating of a MedEvac flight requests the most precise trip planning making sure we do not leave out any detail as we are dealing with life saving maters.

It actually takes the maximum joint effort of the most experienced flying and medical service providers.
The full medical assistance of major flight personnel that specializes in providing aero medical services is considered a must.

The following story of a case we previously dealt with will clearly demonstrate:
It was 03:20 early morning when Capt Ehrlich the chief pilot and owner of Orange Aviation, received a phone call. On the other end of the line was a worried son telling that he's elder mother, a nice lady at her mid 80's was seriously injured in her spinal cord while attending an organized tour in the middle of the Sahara desert.
As the required medical services for a full recovery were not available, a "soon as possible" evacuation back home, in that case Tel-Aviv, Israel was needed.

So at first glance it might look as a standard Ambulance flight. Basically we needed to arrive at the nearest a/p, collect the patient and head back home.
But a more careful look taken by an experienced ambulance jet operator will reveal the complications.
Below we can find some of the highlights of the mentioned operation:

The first issue arouse at the flight planning stage of the aerial evacuation mission.
It happened that the client was hospitalized in the town of Mopti, somewhere on the Niger River between the Timbuktu and Bamako cities, Mali.
The dispatch department found out that the direct route from destination to Israel involves overflying some countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel, there for we strongly recommended client not to cross over, though loosing precious flying time, we at Orange Aviation as reliable medical aviation operators on a standard basis always consider all kinds of unexpected tech stops and there possible affection on the patient. So do to the above political restrictions, we had to build in almost no time the most efficient, time saving, still safe route available.

Next problem to deal with was the gathering of essential info about destination airport were patient should be collected from and of designated tech-stops for refueling route.
Unfortunately, we found out that there is no fuel in Mopti on a regular basis, so we had to quickly arrange for a special fuel truck to arrive from Bamako.
In addition we had to precisely calculate and coordinate the schedule as each airport has its specific operational times and other kinds of restrictions to be taken in consideration.
As a result, we appointed a heavy crew for the medical rescue mission as we wanted to ensure a fluent operation thus avoiding crew legally duty time limitations.

So eventually, after giving that medical flight a reinforced effort, from the moment of receiving the call till safe arrival of the Ambulatory aircraft in Tel Aviv airport with patient on relatively stable condition, we could finally enjoy the feeling of relief for sorting out one more humanitarian emergency flight case.

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