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Medical Evacuation from Ulan Bator

Medevac Stories > air ambulance Ulan Bator

Ambulance flights, also known as MedEvac, can be somewhat challenging. These kinds of ambulatory flights are always urgent and need to be conducted A.S.A.P.

Medical Evacuation cases in general and the air ambulance in particular contain a never ending variety of last minute issues that must be solved in real time. You never know what is going to develop. MedEvac requires total mutual support between the aero medical authority (flying doctor) on the one hand and the flight crew on the other hand in order to ensure a smooth operation.

Mr. Amir Ehrlich, of Orange Aviation relates: We received a call from a medical assistance firm, informing us that one of their clients had been on a horseback riding track in the vast Gobi desert in Mongolia, when she was accidentally kicked by a violent camel. She was seriously injured, with a tear in one of her kidneys. Her desperate husband called us direct and informed us that they are in the middle of nowhere, more than 200 miles away from the nearest major town and his mobile phone running out of battery.

Immediate action was required.
Within 2 hours we managed to arrange a local rescue helicopter with an airborne medical crew on board to immediately evacuate the couple to the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator, where urgent medical treatment is available.

Unfortunately it was not a full treatment facility which was what was required, so we were asked to arrange a medical evacuation flight from Ulan Bator to the patient's home in Nuremburg, Germany. We had to take into consideration that there were no Ambulance jets in the vicinity and that the nearest one available was actually in Europe.

We calculated 8 hours flying to Ulan Bator, 10 hours for crew rest (according to law) and then 8 more hours for the flying ambulance evacuation and then back home. The patient was suffering severe internal bleeding, so time was shot. Once the decision for an emergency flight is made obstacles and issues must be confronted and dealt with. Since in this case the major issue was the ticking clock, we decided to have two pilots on standby at one of the route's fuel stops.

This did away with the obligatory 10 hours of crew rest, gaining priceless time by making it a 16 hour mission instead of 26 hours. Having solved the technical med flight time issues we could now concentrate on making the medical flight operation proceed in the most efficient manner possible.

To sum it up, if you should need an emergency evacuation flight, make sure that when choosing the service provider you get one that is fully familiar with the issues involved, has experience and recommendations and is fully dedicated to getting you out the minimum amount of time, at maximum efficiency and at the minimum price.
We, at Orange Aviation, call it, the "MiniMax" equation.

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