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Operator & Broker - part II

Articles > Operator & Broker - part II

Mr. Miron Eshet, a special flights coordinator relates the following: "We got a request for a private air charter from Barcelona, Spain to Munich, Germany. On the scheduled date the desired executive aircraft, a Challenger 604, was not available, so we asked one of our colleagues to do the commercial charter for us. Two weeks later we were asked by that same operator to assist him with a private charter from Athens, Greece to Moscow, Russia. In the general out come, it is a win-win situation. The client gets the desired level of service while the charter operator increases his range of service."

The potential air charter client should trust his instinct and take into consideration the operator's behavior: is there hesitation when providing answers, does the operator give less than full answers and information, does he avoid direct answers, is he difficult to get hold of, etc. A suitable private air charter firm will give you the feeling of security, because they are secure in their business dealings. The private jet operator will not try to push the consumer into his idea of the charter but rather listen to and accommodate your requirements and needs. Unfortunately "pushy" operators exist in the market and consumers should make an effort not to give in but rather stand up for what they would like to have. The "extra mile" is the one of the main issues to look for. A private jet operator that can not add that "extra mile" to the discussions will lose clients.

So what should that mentioned "extra mile" consist of? What should a "true" private air charter operator plan for that will ensure you of the best executive flight experience? Issues like cost-effective rates, advance planning to avoid as much as possible the unexpected, ensuring as wide as possible windows for departure and arrivals etc.

To sum it up, going the "extra mile" means to really work at tailoring a private charter to your needs considering every small detail so we are sure to get the perfect fit for the private jet clientele. While "fonzy" operators use the most convenient, for them, aircraft available at the closest airport, the excellent operator is fully committed to getting the precise match of the right private aircraft with the right mission, even if it means losing some of their profit margin.

Remember there are a broad variety of services to deal with and only reliable private charter operators actually have the connections and ability to go that "extra mile" to make the trip be all that you want it to be. So, next time, when you start feeling you are losing it while planning your trip, search for a real private charter expert, one who makes your satisfaction his business.

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