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Challenger 604

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Challenger 604
  • Type: Twin Jet engine Air-conditioned & Pressurized
  • Configuration: VIP 10-12 seats
  • Speed: 820 kph Range: 6,680 km Flight level: 42,000 feet

The Challenger 604 corporate aircraft is one of the most popular and the world's best selling in the family of large business jets. Next-generation innovation on a tried-and-true platform that has seen Challenger become the backbone of the worlds' most esteemed corporate fleets. By design the Challenger 604 provides corporate and government leaders with the widest and indeed, one of the quietest - cabins in the industry in which passengers can work or rest in total comfort and tranquility. Combining superior strength, versatility and reliability with cost efficiency matching that of an appreciably smaller jet, the Challenger 604 corporate jet is capable, confident and infinitely versatile. A new look, feel and functionality to the largest cabin in its class
Challenger 604 Challenger 604
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