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Gulfstream 200 (Galaxy)

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Gulfstream 200 (Galaxy)
  • Type: Twin Jet engine Air-conditioned & Pressurized
  • Configuration: VIP 9 seats
  • Speed: 820 kph Range: 6,200 km Flight level: 42,000 feet

The Gulfstream-200 is one of the most advanced mid-range, high-performing business jets. It is certified for all-weather operation. The cabin design has been perfected to minimize the strain of long-range travel and to provide an abundance of personal comforts. Designed for maximum passenger capacity, this interior can accommodate 9-10 passengers. The forward four-club chair grouping offers comfortable space for meetings and dining, while the threeplace divan and chairs grouping in the aft offer additional seating in a more casual arrangement, an ideal arrangement for support staff. The full-size galley is designed for hot meal service and includes many amenities to make long-range flights as comfortable as possible.
G  200 (Galaxy) G  200 (Galaxy)
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