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A true reliable charter jet operator works with the client to find a solution to every request. A good private jet operator should be able to analyze all the bits and bytes of info supplied by the potential customer quickly and efficiently matching the appropriate private aircraft to the mission.

Today when the world has become one global network, professional executive jet operators are required to multi-task, coordinating not only the flights themselves, but the crew, ground services, catering, hotels etc. In other words, private flight charter companies must be ready and able to provide their worldwide service on a 24/7 basis.

Mr. Amir Ehrlich, private air charter manager for Orange Aviation explains: "Over the years we have seen a change in the demands from private jet travelers. Those that hire us require us to take care of their special charter flights worldwide and not only from our home base area. For instance, we recently had a case in which we were asked to operate a domestic private flight within the USA although the client knew we are based in the Mediterranean area.

Due to the distance, time and costs involved, it was quite obvious we would not be operating our personal fleet. We took advantage of our long years of experience and acquaintances in order to coordinate with our reliable colleagues across the ocean to execute this special flight ".

Luxury jet private charter travelers are looking for that extraordinary executive jet operator who will provide them with a one-stop shop ensuring the top end kind of service to which they are accustomed.

Private jet operators find their visibility constantly increasing on-line as potential consumers search the internet to find the required information. As a result, new "wanna-be" service providers pop up daily praising themselves and providing false information such as mentioning a fleet that consists of a variety of hundreds of business jets. A trustworthy executive and corporate jet operator conducts his private air charter business with integrity non compromising high standard. A clever private charter consumer should do some internet surfing to gather as much information about the designated air charter company as possible and speak to fellow business jet travelers to get feedback about a specific service. Always remember that some operators are truly honest and reliable while others are just temporary visitors in the market who are here today and gone tomorrow.

"Orange Executive Aviation has a trustworthy network of fellow private air charter operators worldwide to provide you, the client with a worry free, enjoyable, pleasure or business jet flight" concludes Amir.

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