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Why fly private?

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Suppose that while vacationing on your yacht in the Adriatic Sea, you receive a call from a potential client requesting an urgent business meeting in Bilbao, a meeting which can potentially sign your company to a profitable long term contract.

Your standard solution would be to catch the earliest available commercial flight to Bilbao. Bear in mind that not every location has a direct flight to Bilbao so, it may also necessitate the booking of connecting flights. Then when the meeting is over, hopefully with a positive outcome, you've got to make your way back to your yacht and your vacation

In most cases, on such multi-leg routes and business schedules, while waiting for one flight or another, you will probably have to add the expense of an overnight stay in a hotel.

Another consideration is that the proposed meeting might take longer than expected necessitating re-scheduling of the flights, connections, hotels etc.

The expenses increase dramatically when you take into consideration the time involved in research, booking accommodations, actual travel time and potential glitches.

For a lot less trouble, anxiety and man hours, you could charter a private jet which would allow you a direct flight from the closest airport, or even a helicopter from the yacht/marina to the airport. exactly to where you need to go and back, without the hassles before and after. With the private jet you can come to the airport 20 minutes before takeoff and be out of the airport 10-20 minutes after landing.

Orange Aviation as a Private charter operator specialize in these type of tailor made solutions for executive travelers. We recommend that every serious businessman have a our contacts in his wallet for those all important surprise and unscheduled meetings.

There are over 12,000 airports and more than 4,000 aircraft operators throughout the world. A quick search on the web for private charter, private jets, or air taxi will bring up a wide range of information in which the average charter traveler can easily get lost. There are terms and phrases not familiar to non-aviation consumers.

We, at Orange Aviation, a professional aircraft charter service provider, would be happy to help you. The following is a short and simple guide for the executive jet traveler to follow:

  A. Before beginning your flight search, it would be a good idea to have the answers to the following basic questions.
   1. How many passengers will be traveling?
   2. Will this be a one way flight ? A round trip ? A multi-leg trip ?
   3. If it is a round trip or multi-leg flight, will the designated V.I.P. jet be required to "stand by" at each location?
   4. Other than the flight itself, will there be any additional services required ? For instance, limo or taxi service at destination, ground ambulance or medical crew, overnight hotel, special catering on board, etc.
   5. What is the budget for this trip?

  B. Locating a professional service provider, such as Orange Aviation, is the next important step. Make sure the executive charter provider can answer YES to all of the below questions:
   1. Is the contact for the provider quick and easy ?
   2. Is there a website contact and how quickly and seriously does the company respond to your inquiry ?
   3. Does your contact at the company give you a phone number for direct calls, and of course does he/she answer your inquiries promptly ?
   4. Are they available 24/7 during your flight for special occurrences ?
   5. Does the professional service provider give you alternate suggestions, perhaps saving you money, or time ?

Orange Aviation private jet specialists are always available and ready to give you serious and detailed answers to all requested information about the various issues concerning private flying in general and your flight in particular. After discussing your needs with you, we offer you the most suitable aircraft for your exclusive charter needs.

  C. An all inclusive quote constitutes an offer. This quote should be in writing and include the following so there are no surprises later:
   1. Method of payment.
   2. Terms and conditions for cancellation on both sides including insurance, fees and penalties.
   3. What additional fees are not included in the quote and what is their estimated cost ?
   4. The operational differences of the various aircraft types offered, such as: direct flight capability or will there be tech/fuel stop involved and for how long; flight duration, etc.
   5. Departure and arrival times including possible agreed upon flexibility.
   6. Available in flight tech accessories- sat link, net connection, etc.
   7. Type of in-flight service catering, flight attendant, medical crew, etc.

Before closing a deal, make sure you have all the answers to all the questions above and a way to contact your provider for additional questions that may arise. After all, you are paying a significant amount of money and should expect to get the best luxury flight service available.


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